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The UBUNTU Philosophy

We live in an increasingly interdependent society. Our success is but a reflection of our teams’ success. We are not only dependent on other’s success but our very identity is defined by that of our teams. And hence Ubuntu, the African philosophy that we have only just begun to embrace, realizing its deeply positive impact on success.


Why “smart” alone isn’t enough?
Schools and parents realize they don’t just want smart kids, they want smart and successful children. Children with key social, innovation and life skills for success. Success in today’s world, be it corporate or business, depends upon one’s ability to network, collaborate and build strong relationships. Increasingly therefore, social and emotional skills are becoming ever more critical.
It isn’t merely enough anymore to empower students with the best technical skills. The best schools worldwide are finally taking education to the next level.
That’s where UBUNTU steps in. Being pioneers in the learning & development domain, with a specialist team of trainers and academicians, Ubuntu partners schools by offering the widest range of in-school camps.
We at Ubuntu see our role as facilitators for schools to reach this next level by augmenting the schools existing teaching with our own specially curated camps and workshops.
Know more about these camps ‘here’ (hyperlink to the page where camps are briefly described)

For Schools

  • Positive and respectful learning environment
  • Highly effective, student-friendly engagement
  • Empowered and stress-free teachers
  • Use global teaching standards
  • Counters bullying, adolescence discrimination
  • Collaboration and  innovation based culture

For Parents

  • children more grateful & respectful
  • better communication and connect 
  • emotionally stronger and independent children
  • parenting made easier
  • lower conflicts

For students

  • Better confidence through enhanced EQ
  • Self assured, thus more positive
  • better performance through creativity
  • inter-personal skills improved
  • lower fear, depression, frustration 
  • happier and more successful