The Genesis of Ubuntu Learnings


What began as an introspective session between friends, ended up as a life altering program that touches thousands of young lives today. As corporate trainers and mentors, we were facing the same question over and over again: "Why are the newer generations increasingly frustrated and suffocated at jobs & businesses? Why are Indians, despite the best education and scores, lagging behind global counterparts in business as well as corporate? Why are excellent marks not translating into successful careers?"



Thankfully, with our background as behavioral analysts, academicians and above all parents, we quickly realized the challenges. In a highly competitive world, so much effort has been focused on individual excellence (at school or in jobs), that we have almost never fully trained our children on the key social and life skills needed for success. While the world has become increasingly collaborative, our newer generations have become individually excellent. We have enviable IQ's but lacked the all important EQ.



We needed to equip our youth with sharp EQ skills and needed to do it from the earliest possible stage, schools.

Thus was born Ubuntu Learnings, an organization bringing together the best behavioral transformers, life skill coaches and motivators to design and deliver camps that would impart these skills in the most participant-friendly and effective manner. With our international exposure, we bring to Indian schools the latest skills training modules from across the globe. Every student has the potential to make its school, parents and society  proud. We at Ubuntu provide that catalyst for a positive and beautiful metamorphosis.

Our Team

Ashwin  [IIT-Roorkee, NMIMS-Mumbai, XLRI-Jamshedpur]

Academician, motivational speaker and trainer, Ashwin has over 25 years experience in innovation, teaching and mentoring. He is an accomplished trainer, designing and conducting large group interventions. He is also business mentor at IIM's CIIE and visiting faculty at B-schools, and vision guardian of India Talent Revolution. His work with the youth brings invaluable insights into their aspirations and challenges. Ashwin is an avid cyclist and drummer.



Usha  [BHU-Varanasi, MNIT-Allahabad]

Life coach, behavioral expert and trained alternate therapy practitioner, Usha is a highly gifted trainer and parenting consultant. Having worked with children and specifically girls, Usha specializes in talent based career counseling. Her expertise in wellness helps teachers manage stress and students overcome fear, insecurity and depression. Usha is an accomplished Ultra-marathon runner and cyclist. She is also brand ambassador and active volunteer for Breast Cancer Awareness Forum.

Neha  [English Honours-Delhi University, N.T.T.]

Acclaimed teacher, loved by her students and faculty alike, Neha has always been an inspiring and encouraging person. With over 10 experience teaching at schools like Genesis, Indraprastha Global School, Neha has worked at grass root level as well as being HOD (Step by Step). Neha brings an intensely positive attitude and unbridled creativity to the camp activities. Working closely with children, she knows exactly how to design the most effective learning pedagogy. Neha is a captivating story teller and her teenage twin daughters have taken her traits further towards becoming authors themselves.

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Ankur  [Delhi University, Certified in Talent Labs]

A natural people-manager and facilitator, Ankur is the central nerve that binds the team together. His mastery in building relationships and resolving conflicts makes him the go-to man in the many business & social groups he is a part of. Ankur's resourcefulness and organizing abilities has seen him organize charity events of global levels in the Kumaon hills. Having started early in life, he brings over 15 years of practical management, inter-personal and logistical abilities to the camps and events organized. A philanthropist and veteran motorcyclist, Ankur is mentor to several of the city's riding clubs.

Shuchi  [BA-Book Publishing, B.Sc.-Early Childhood Education, N.T.T.]

A passionate educator, Shuchi has had a deep desire to work with and make a positive difference to their lives. From a very early age, Shuchi chose to pursue not just teaching but specialize in the most critical phase of early childhood. With over 12 years experience at schools such as American School- Delhi, Shreeram School-Delhi & DPS- Noida Expressway, she has worked closely with students and parents which helps the team to incorporate parents' aspirations into the camps conducted. Soft spoken, extremely kind and gentle hearted, Shuchi aspires to work more closely with specially gifted children.

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